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Automating the World

Optimize Time, Expenses, and Comfort


EVE for The Past, Present and Future

In the EVE vision, we strive for a world free from impersonation and cumbersome keys or passwords. Empowering companies to identify inefficiencies, fostering academic integrity, and liberating time for what truly matters, EVE envisions a future where technology elevates security, efficiency, and trust in our interconnected world.

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We Make our Product Designed to Your Needs


EVE transforms attendance management in educational institutions, streamlining administrative tasks and allowing professors to focus on content delivery. Its technology ensures academic integrity, cutting costs by eliminating manual processes and receptionist roles. Custom apps optimize efficiency, positioning institutions at the forefront of tech innovation for a focused, secure, and cost-effective solution.

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EVE is the smart choice for businesses seeking streamlined operations. Automate clock-ins, clock-outs, and meal periods effortlessly. Gain insights into employee efficiency for enhanced productivity. Choose EVE for a more efficient and dynamic workplace.


Elevate security and convenience by introducing EVE to private and commercial properties. Bid farewell to keys and key fobs as FaceCheck seamlessly manages access, eliminating the risk of entry with stolen keys. Safeguard your premises with cutting-edge technology, ensuring a secure and hassle-free environment. Make the smart choice for enhanced security and streamlined access – choose EVE.

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WHY EVE Industries

Defeating the privacy and security concerns

EVE stands as the epitome of privacy and security, setting itself apart by storing all data locally. Unlike cloud-based solutions, our commitment to your privacy ensures sensitive information remains within your premises. Opt for EVE, where security meets simplicity for a privacy-focused access management solution.


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